Sunday, 4 December 2011

while mesmerizing the world..

the world seems a better place in the morning
blue sky with a warm sun shinning
wind blows softly
and i was mesmerize by the scenery
i was cycling and tune in my playlist
with the songs running through my head, i didn't even feel tired at all..
then suddenly i was thinkin'..

the Creator of this world is magnificently awesome
because everything is in place
because everything is almost perfectly perfect
setiap daun yang gugur ke bumi..semua dalam pengetahuan-Nya

"bukankah Kami telah menjadikan bumi itu sebagai hamparan? dan gunung.gunung sebagai pasak?"
[An-Naba' 78 : 6-7]

and also i was thinkin' bout..
what will happen when Qiyamah occur..
all the mountains will collapse..
and all of us will become history that we didn't even remember
until the judgement day
all of our deeds in the world will be reveal..
i wonder what will be my fate..

"only submission to God's will is the cure of the misery heart.."


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